Proud Placemaker: Amber Tolbert, East Lake

October 08, 2013

This budding small business owner believes, encourages and is investing in the potential of her neighborhood. 

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Proud Placemaker: Fran Taylor, Downtown

October 04, 2013

Check out why this downtown dweller doesn't even need a car to enjoy many great city attractions. 

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Proud Placemaker: Javacia Harris Bowser

September 27, 2013

Birmingham gave this hometown blogger the support she needed to make her dreams come true. 

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Proud Placemaker: Joyce Spielberger and Maury Shevin, Forest Park

September 17, 2013

These two love their friendly, historic neighborhood- especially when they get to enjoy it right from their front porch! 

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Proud Placemaker: Jason Avery, Woodlawn

August 27, 2013

 This Proud Placemaker loves the progressive and ever-changing atmosphere of his neighborhood. Follow the link to find out why you should consider Woodlawn for your next home! 

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Proud Placemaker: Charles Hatcher, Norwood

August 20, 2013

 This Proud Placemaker has called this neighborhood his home for over 30 years. Follow the link to find just why he decided to stick around. 

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Proud Placemaker: Tyler Davis, Crestwood

August 13, 2013

This local realtor definitely knows why Birmingham is the perfect place to call home. 

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Proud Placemaker: Carla Jean Whitley, Crestline Park

August 06, 2013

 This young writer loves living in a neighborhood where everyone knows her name...

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Proud Placemaker: Daniel Odrezin, Loft District

August 01, 2013

 Birmingham native Daniel Odrezin was raised in the suburbs, but is now a proud downtown dweller with no hesitation when it comes to expressing why city-center living is the best!

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Proud Placemaker: Karla Khodanian, Highland Park

July 17, 2013

This young Placemaker tells us that Birmingham is no cookie-cutter city, and that's why she loves LIVing it!

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Proud Placemaker, Andrew Vines, Glen Iris

July 10, 2013

UAB grad and young professional Andrew Vines recently bought a house in Glen Iris. The best part about his neighborhood? He can walk to UAB's campus to cheer on his beloved Blazers!

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Proud Placemaker: Robin Hood, Bush Hills

July 02, 2013

California native Robin Hood tells us why Birmingham is the place she now calls home...

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Proud Placemakers: The Johnstons, East Lake

June 26, 2013

Morgan and Duquette Johnston are East Lake homeowners. One's an accomplished musician (now touring with his latest album) and the other has cultivated an envied lifestlye brand. Put 'em together, and you've got a pair of Proud Placemakers we're proud to call neighbors.

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Proud Placemaker: Deidre Clark, Ensley

June 18, 2013

Ensley native Deidre Clark shares what drives her to work on making her community a strong, safe place for Birmingham's next generation...

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Proud Placemaker: Julie Ward, Crestline Park

June 04, 2013

Ole Miss graduate, Crestline Park resident and downtown young professional, Julie Ward, gives us so many great reasons to love life in Birmingham City...

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Proud Placemaker: Greg Comer, Roebuck Springs

May 22, 2013

Roebuck Springs resident and Birmingham City living enthusiast Gregory Comer shares why he's PROUD of his East Birmingham neighborhood...

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Proud Placemaker: Myeisha Hutchinson, Oak Ridge Park

May 13, 2013

Proud Placemaker Myeisha Hutchinson tells us why she loves her Birmingham neighborhood...

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Proud Placemaker: Sherri Ross Walters, Forest Park

May 02, 2013

 Proud Placemaker Sherri Ross Walters serves up HER Birmingham...

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Proud Placemaker: Liesa Cole, Crestwood North

April 24, 2013

 Crestwood North resident Liesa Cole gives us a snapshot of her Birmingham...

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